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     I am a landscape artist who is also a colorist. My fascination with graphic illustrations and the outrageousness of color began with several childhood influencers.  First, the art of Maxfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, and Harvey Dunn. All illustrators that instilled a wonder for fanciful, colorful story telling. The other is Aubrey Beadsley with his bold graphic illustrations that set in place my love of the black line.  Second, my obsession with the graphic illustrations of coloring books

     I use paint/crayons in layers to reflects the layer of emotion, the layers of memory. My choice to use ink transfer and crayons is to honor my lifetime addiction to coloring books. My use of color is to honor those artists who evoked such an emotional and memorable response to their colorful world.

     My current work is an exploration of small town life in rural Iowa capturing glimpses of its life, past and present from a quirky perspective.  My paintings are the roadmaps of observation, investigation, and reconnection with the environment that informs my life

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